Author Angie Moneke

Documentaries Gayby Baby (2015)

Gayby Baby takes a look at the lives of four families where the parents are gay, and it brings a needed personal insight to a topic that too politicised.

Feature Films Steve-Jobs--slider

Steve Jobs has a first class creative team behind it, and their cinematic abilities stop this film from being hagiography – but the subject lacks emotional power.

Feature Films Black Mass Jonny Depp

Johnny Depp stars as Boston crime lord James “Whitey” Bulger in Black Mass. It’s a great film, but doesn’t quite sit up with the greatest gangster films.

Feature Films Catch-Me-Daddy-01

In the wide expanse of the smokey and unforgiving Yorkshire moors, love and family loyalty are tested in Daniel Wolfe’s debut feature Catch Me Daddy – a stand out at last year’s London Film Festival.

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