Gorilla Film Online is a site about films. Mainly. The focus is on independent short and feature films, with special attention on low to no-budget shorts and features. You’ll find dozens of short films to watch and read reviews about, as well as coverage of some of the most interesting and unique independent feature films from around the world.

Gorilla also wants to encourage people to make films, so you’ll find articles and resources to help you in your filmmaking pursuits.

We also cover some quality mainstream films, comment on the wider world of cinema, and sometimes write about TV, games and anything else we feel like writing about. But we’re mainly about films. Mainly.

Gorilla is currently on hiatus (as of early 2017) while we concentrate on podcasts (which you can find here). So you won’t find any new writing here for a while, but there’s plenty of good old stuff to check out! Perhaps starts with our stuff explained series.

You can see a full list of contributors on our Authors Page.

We still check our emails though, so if you have any enquiries, then please email daveprice@gorillafilmmagazine.com

History of Gorilla and Gorilla Film Magazine
Gorilla Film Online is the latest incarnation of a project that started in 2011. At its bloody, messy birth it was a print magazine made by filmmakers for filmmakers, called Gorilla Film Magazine, which was distributed for free around east London. Soon after followed the website, imaginatively called, gorillafilmmagazine.com.

Over the next few years, four more issues of Gorilla Film Magazine were produced (back issues of which are available in the shop) and we hosted and curated a number of film events around London. In the summer of 2014 we decided to expand our focus to produce broader coverage of cinema and filmmaking. And to have more fun doing it. So we made the site you’re on right now.

The Bunker podcast

We also like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to producing new material, blazing a trail, and we’ve recently found out about radiation of electromagnetic signals, or ‘radio’. So, being the pioneers that we are, we have launched a radio show called The Bunker.

Set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the year 2414, The Bunker sees three isolated survivors explore the nature of storytelling while getting to grips with their desolate existence. New episodes are released monthly and you can listen to them all online for free at thebunkerpodcast.com, or find them on iTunes and other podcast directories by searching for The Bunker.

If you like what you hear, then please leave a rating. It, surprisingly, does actually help us.

Advertising & Sponsorship

If you would like to advertise on Gorilla we can offer you a range of options. There are the usual sidebar and header placements as well as border advertising and paid for links. If you have any other proposals, we’ll be happy to consider them. We handle all advertising deals in-house, which provides flexibility when working with clients, enabling us to find a package that suits your objectives and budget.

We also welcome collaboration. We have previously produced a sponsored magazine in collaboration with Cannes in a Van and the Van d’Or awards, which featured several articles highlighting their work and a limited edition cover that featured their logo. If you are interested in this we can send you a case study of the collaboration.

There is also an option to sponsor parts of the site. We are currently looking for a sponsor, or a number of sponsors, to back our filmmaking section, which is popular with student and young filmmakers. However, if there is another aspect you would like to sponsor, we will be happy to consider it.

For any business enquiries please contact David Price.