Monthly Archives: April, 2015

Short Films chase me through 2014

Chase Me Through is an atmospheric portrayal of a couple’s shared – and conflicting – memories of a difficult relationship.

Feature Films

Pam Grier stars as the titular Coffy in one of the most significant blaxploitation films of all time – now given a loving remastering for its Blu-Ray release.

Short Films In the city anika short film runners sitting on a bench

Six potential suitors flaunt their bare legs in hopes of winning the hand of a young lady, in this music video for musician Anika’s In The City.

Feature Films The Falling Florence Pugh Maisie Williams

In Carol Morley’s The Falling, a 1960s all-girl boarding school is ground-zero in a fainting epidemic. …With hilarious consequences! (Not really.)

Feature Films Field Punishment No.1 New Zealand World War 1 film

Field Punishment No.1 looks at the experiences of conscientious objectors in the ranks of the New Zealand army during the Gallipoli campaign in World War 1.

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