Monthly Archives: March, 2015

Feature Films Darling 1965 julie christie reclining on a sofa in shorts

John Schlesinger’s cynical, rags to riches satire about fashion and media, Darling, gets a scrub up for its 50th anniversary release on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Feature Films Fulboy 2014 Farina

Recommended to football fans and athlete fetishists alike, Fulboy takes a steamy peak behind the shower curtain of professional football. George East reviews.

Feature Films

Numbskull is the debut feature film from Birmingham based writer/director John Humphreys. It tells the tale of two men trying to reverse Shakespeare’s curse.

Feature Films Seventh bullet Ostern 1972

The Seventh Bullet is a 1972 ‘red western’, set in the aftermath of the Russian communist revolution when the Soviet ideals are challenged by rebels.

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