Monthly Archives: November, 2013

Feature Films day of the flowers red dress

A romantic comedy about two sisters, with clashing personalities, who get embroiled in romantic tangles while on a pilgrimage to Cuba to spread their father’s ashes.

Short Films The beginning Dominic brown takism square

A documentary short film depicting the anti-government movement in Turkey, using footage, photography, text and interview to chart the trajectory of a protest in May 2013.

Short Films Joshua short film

Joshua is an impressive short film about a young man attempting to lead a normal, mundane life, haunted by memories of his past actions.

Short Films Choosing sides short film

Choosing Sides is a short film about a dinner conversation that goes sour for a boy when the topic turns to religion – with his Catholic father and Jewish mother.

Feature Films Damaged goods low budget film by Mike Tweddle

Damaged Goods is a low budget feature film about two kids adrift in a small community in the North East of England, who find some hope in the form of an adorable dog.

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