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Stuff Explained Chiaroscuro-Lighting-For-Film

Ever wondered what Chiaroscuro Lighting is? Well wonder no more! From Cecil B De Mille to Citizen Kane, filmmakers use art history for lighting inspiration.

Short Films everything is incredible documentary short film tyler bastian

A moving short film documentary, Everything is Incredible is about a man pursuing an improbable, Quixotic dream, and how that dream gives his life meaning.

Feature Films The Turin Horse by Bela Tarr

Using textured 35mm film, a macabre and repetitive soundtrack and uncompromising black and white, Bela Tarr’s The Turin Horse is visual poetry.

Short Films Blinky sci-gi short film by ruari Robinson

Blinky is high quality sci-fi short film about a household robot that’s the new best friend (and punch bag) of Alex, a child from an increasingly breaking home.